About Us

If a client needs a quick fix you are well built-in, then it’s a place. If they don’t, then they may need to go to some other place. Being real about what you do rationally will only give mutual success.

Vandyay IT & Corporate Services is a company empowered with passion and aspirations, offering value-added IT, Digital Branding, Graphic Designing, Business Compliance, and Legal services all over the globe with 5+ yrs of experience and great access to national and international clients. Executing innovative solutions for business complexities and assured results.
We are a Corporate company providing strategic IT business solutions and services for complex business problems. Our technology and industry expertise enables us to focus on innovative solutions with the passion to develop adaptable, secure, and user-friendly web applications that work across multiple devices. We believe that the prudent use of technology, combined with a good design reduces complexity. Our ultimate motive is to empower clients and organizations by creating new possibilities, this is what we, as a team, want to be remembered for!


“Our ability to create new ideas is the reason you are here with us.”

Our Client Comes First

We follow the client orientation philosophy where we put the expectation of the client over the requirements of the business. It’s a thought process that ranges your business goals with your client’s objectives. Client-oriented organizations distinguish that clients are the business. They are well informed that the business won’t hype unless it harmonizes with a customer focus.

  • Willingness to grab and act on client blueprint.
  • Client-oriented organization speedily adapt to clients solutions
  • Dual way of communication
  • Listening actively
  • Dynamism & Analytic skills


We assure everyone in the organization is alert to the substitutions. After all, a change in our mission apparently means our business is reaching heights -and that’s a fruitful outcome.
Once we have depicted a beginning for our company, we are all set to originate a mission statement. A primary approach that is as desired as our company goal.

  • Our mission comes along with some apprehensions.
  • We go with a few concise theories, the lifeblood of our ambition and ideology.
  • Similarly, the gestures of our client, human wealth, and society are valued.
  • The disclosure of the mission mirrors both sides of our business:
  • A mission of our bond with our client is all that defines us.


Our virtual approach begins with a vision. Vision is a perspective conviction of the business. Forming an ideal vision is an exertion in analyzing where our company needs to head to be victorious. Our vision reputation is a mental picture of a rational and prudent future state of the organization. Which explains aspirations in the course of time – a port for the organization.

  • We can say that a vision is a long-lived dream.
  • Our vision is frequently called the backbone.
  • Designed to convey the initial aim for life.
  • Vision is the motive we look beyond.
  • We imagine we create.

Contact us anytime for queries, let’s discuss them and come up with extraordinary solutions.