MSME: Leading the Growth with Sustainable Development to Recover from Potholes.

This pandemic has affected millions of people worldwide. For almost two years the world was in utter chaos as of thinking what to do next. Thousands of people lost their lives after battling hard to the virus, many of them lost their jobs resulting in a void in their lives. Hunger came into a major role as people lost their livelihood to sustain in this world. Many experts came with their theory of recovery but what matters is the rot level solution to the problem that ordinary people deal with. No matter in which era we are living, challenges always have their way to conquer the path and reach towards mankind. One such challenge which we fear to face in this recent time is “Recession”.
Life without food doesn’t even have a stand to exist in our dreams, then think of the people dealing with it in reality. It’s tough but even gets tougher when the future seems to be in pitch darkness. All that we wish for after destruction is “recovery”. The process towards the development after such a might attack will surely be slow. Sometimes it will look like nothing is happening as the steps that will be taken will act slowly towards betterment. Hope is the only thing that will keep alive, with prayers reciting that this too will pass and happiness will hit the shores soon.
If we closely observe the countries that were hit by COVID-19 virus, you can see that the head of the respective countries has taken major steps towards betterment. They are thinking for their people as lives matter the most. Our country too has a prime leader whose decisions have benefited a major amount of the population.
Recently our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed the country and appealed to the people to promote the theory of Make in India and emphasizing the fact of becoming “Atma nirbhar” by making the goods in our country.
The theme of the yojana is promoting self-reliance. Being independent is the major key to everlasting success. Dependency reduces the efficiency that an individual or an organization possesses. The major part of an inclusive and sustainable recovery depends on a small-scale industry. The upper level of the organizations which are well equipped with technologies will sustain by making a slow recovery. But the main push to the GDP and further development will be given by small-scale industries.
The main factor that aids the support is generating employment, which will slowly contribute to dipping the percentage of unemployment. Employment means earning which will sustain lives and promote a happy and satisfying livelihood. The factors that aid in promoting small scale industries are:

  1. Potential for enormous work opportunities: Small Scale Industries can set out work open doors on a massive scale. A country like India which is dealing with the problem of population, needs a massive amount of employment generated works which make sure that almost all have something to help their livelihood. They utilize more work than different sectors. They can be set up in a brief time frame and can give work freedoms to more individuals.
  2. Contribution to industrial output: Products made by Small Scale Industries form a critical part of the modern yield of the country. They produce several consumer goods as well as industrial components in large quantities and satisfy the needs of consumers. The goods made by Small Scale Industries are cheaper and satisfy the requirements of the poorer sections of the society.
  3. Uses domestic goods: One of the plus points of small-scale industries is that they majorly use domestic goods for their requirements. Very few rely on a foreign good, involving large scale of domestic raw materials upheld the other sections of the society.
  4. Quick decisions: The market never remains the same throughout the year. It differs according to the demand in society. Some are forced while some are required. In that case, large scale industry finds it difficult to switch the products according to the need in market but small scale industries dealing at lower level finds a bit easy to switch according to their need and profit. The decision-making becomes much easier in the case of small-scale industries.
  5. Reducing migration: Migration usually happens when people living at a place find it hard to get a job or earn for livelihood. They migrate to the places where they find it easy to get employed. This puts a lot of pressure on land and the system due to the overcrowd relying only on a particular place. Small scale industries if set up in rural areas, with the help of traditional craftsmen, artisans can contribute towards generating employment by providing rightful jobs according to the need and demand. This would reduce migration thus help even rural areas to slowly start progressing towards betterment.

We know the path which leads us to the future seems like is full of hardships and suffering. Time never halts for anyone, change is the only constant thing in this world. An inclusive and sustainable recovery is needed post-pandemic and it majorly depends on Small Scale Industries. Promoting being self-reliant aids in development, at the start, it requires good planning at the root level but once accomplished it make sure that consistency towards betterment becomes the primary outcome. All that requires is the support that our system and government can provide to the individuals who come forward with their great ideas. We need to make sure that support is evenly provided to the small-scale industries because to become big the first step is to make a start. “Atmanirbhar Bharat“ yojana needs support that could create wonders in the coming time and the major outbreaks towards its success can be given by promoting Small Scale Industries.